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November 2015

Numéro 71 Bulletin épidémiologique - Focus on regulated and emerging animal diseases (REDs) – 2014 review

Au sommaire


Article Bovine Tuberculosis in France in 2014: a stable situation
Article Absence of bovine brucellosis confirmed in 2014, but vigilance must be maintained
Article Brucellosis in small ruminants in 2014: 95 départements of metropolitan France are now officially disease-free
Article Favourable surveillance results on enzootic bovine leucosis in France in 2014: officially disease-free status is maintained
Article Bovine spongiform encephalopathy in 2014: continued highly favourable situation leads France to be classified as a country with “negligible BSE risk” in 2015
Article Surveillance of spongiform encephalopathies in small ruminants in 2014: no classical scrapie outbreaks detected
Article Report on regulatory and voluntary surveillance of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis in 2013/2014: a stable situation and new opportunities
Article Bovine hypodermosis in France in 2014: no outbreaks detected
Article Bluetongue in 2014: mainland France remains free from Bluetongue; BTV-1 epizootic in Corsica is under control
Article Culicoides population activity in Corsica in 2014
Article Porcine brucellosis in France in 2014: seven outbreaks, including four in local breeds
Article Upholding of Aujeszky’s disease-free status in 2014: improvement of detection in high-risk pig herds but decrease in field player vigilance
Article Review of vigilance with respect to Classical and African Swine Fevers in France in 2014
Article Update on the surveillance of avian Influenza and Newcastle disease in France in 2014
Article An overview of implementation of the programme for Salmonella control in Gallus gallus and Meleagris gallopavo flocks in 2014
Article Surveillance of equine infectious anaemia: two outbreaks detected in the South of France in 2014
Article Monitoring of Category 1 health hazards for fish in 2014: a stable situation
Article Surveillance report on honeybee (Apis mellifera) diseases and disorders in 2014
Article Report on animal rabies surveillance in France: 3 serotine bat cases detected in 2014